Sean Wheeler – Vocals | Chopper Von Franklin – Guitar
Rick Ballard – Guitar | Corey Parks – Bass | Dino Fury – Drums

Kick down the door and put it all on black because CHARLEY HORSE, the baddest bunch of knuckledusters ever to bust a gut, has released “Unholy Roller”, a town-torching mix of rock n’ roll, cowpunk and blues, injected with a lethal dose of sonic anarchy.

From the opening chords of Bad Ass Dad you know you’re in for one hell of a ride. Fronted by Sean “Zezo” Wheeler, leader of the infamous “Throw Rag”, Charley Horse takes you one a non-stop thrill ride through the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, where dope addicts, alley dwellers, blackmailers and temptation wait around every corner.

“Zezo” is joined by Scott “Chopper” Franklin, current bass player of The Cramps and the fire-breathing Corey Parks, whose rap sheet ranges from the Grammy-nominated Nashville Pussy to Die Hunns, shit hot guitar picker Rick Ballard and drummer Dino Fury.

Produced by Mickey “Bones” Petralia, accused broadcaster of the Silverlake white noise experiments, Charley Horse’s debut record, Unholy Roller” was released on Acetate Records in October 2005 and will undoubtedly satisfy those who find reckless disregard for the law completely understandable.

So grab a gat and find an open window because CHARLEY HORSE is coming to town to turn “Unholy Roller” into a turbo-charged, Bad-Ass Revue.


“The Charley Horse sound is greasy enough to clog your arteries, sleazy enough to saturate your mom’s panties, and meaner than a rye whiskey hangover. These wily delinquents have ganged up to produce music that is sure to foster the inner-felon in all of us. From its manic, gritty rockabilly opener “Bad Ass Dad” to the final surf-tinged punk rock track “Loco”, Unholy Roller had me planning bank robberies, grand theft, and jailhouse tattoos. Get it before it’s contraband.”

~ The Nerve Magazine

Eddie Cochran + a sampler + PCP = Charley Horse”

~ Raygun Magazine

“Song themes? Dope addicts, alley dwellers, blackmailers and then temptation put in the path of both teenagers and adults… this will undoubtedly satisfy those who find reckless disregard for the law completely understandable”

~ Dallas Dispatch

“The initial activity and volume causes excitement, but overall (Charley Horse) produces an effect of excess, and finally, disbelief. It will have to be sold on teh lurid action… hard boiled fans will love this”

~ Cicero Sun Times