dragbeatjacquiStart with a mouthful of broken promises, add a dash of deceit and a touch of evil, stir until dangerous then bring to a blistering boil.

From a shadow-filled alley in 1940’s Hollywood to the swinginest of sixties London, Dragbeat takes you on a psycho-sexual thrill ride that will leave you breathless.

Shots of swing, crime jazz, garage pop and a fifth of good ‘ol rock n’ roll complete this unique cocktail that is PURE DIRT, their debut Enhanced CD.

Traces of Shirley Bassey and Debbie Harry can be found in lead singer Jacqui Lynn’s powerful, yet seductive vocals, where every song is a hook and every riff is infectious. Her intense lyrics show the band’s departure from the usual subject matter and place Dragbeat in a film noir setting where things aren’t always as they seem.

In a time when bands have become so bland and identity-less that they’ve began to number themselves (no, literally… they actually number themselves), Dragbeat is a welcome breath of smoke infected, booze drenched air.

The Enhanced CD contains the russ meyer-esque music video, PURE DIRT, and other cool extras. Get it now at the Acetate Store!

“Dragbeat has that smoky, underground vibe of places you’d never tell your mother about going — a world of barroom brawls, fast women and faster cars. It’s like stepping into a seedy 60’s strip joint” L.A. Times