The long awaited follow up to Kentucky Breakdown is here at last! Now don’t get me wrong, Mulebite Deluxe packs a hell of a punch, it’s historical significance as the first Nine Pound Hammer music on tape is in tact. And who can forget hearing their version of “Radar Love” in the series “Drive” on prime time TV… but nothin’ can prepare you for the likes of Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe! 14 new hammer anthems, including a cover of “Black Sheep”!?

Now this record hit’s the shelves on Feb.12, 2008, the good ol’ boys at Acetate Records will be shipping it out by the King’s birthday, that’s Jan. 8 for you blue bloods. That’s over a month before it gets on the shelves… couldn’t be a better way to ring in 20 ought 8

Nine Pound Hammer is finally reaping the rewards of 18 years of hard work and hard livin!!

If havin a tune on Tony Hawk’s latest video game wasn’t cool enough, the gang at Aqua Teen Hunger Force corralled the Hammer and had them pen a theme for their next smash, 12 Oz Mouse! He’s one bad mouse, you can catch it Sunday Nights at Midnight [EST] on teh Cartoon Network!

Next its back to Austin and a SXSW showcase for Bloodshot Records Saturday Nite at The Parish. 9Lb will be hyping a new tune on the soon to be released Bloodshot Comp. It’s no secret that in Europe the Hammer is nearly as big as soccer, so check ’em out at Speedfest in December 2007!!
Look for limited vinyl releases of KENTUCKY BREAKDOWN on Middle Class Pig out of Germany and on Wild Punk from Spain. Lonestar Records is also releasing a 7″ of brand new 9 lb. anthems just in time for summer!! And just announced a Limited Edition colored Vinyl release of Mulebite Deluxe which contains 2 bonus tracks, including the 12oz moure theme song – this will be the only place to get that aside from putting a microphone by yer TV set!

The boys are grinin, so grab yer linens!!!!!