Leif Cole: Lead Vocals | Victor Dawahare: Guitar, Vocals
Neil Delaforce: Guitar, Vocals | Keith Campagnola: Bass, Vocals | Jim Austin: Drums

The first time I saw The Railsplitters was in some dark, dank club. They were soaked in sweat and blowin’ the roof off the place. From the four corners of nowhere, they came: Born in the backwoods and raised by Cane. Five characters in search of an exit and ending up in Hollywood, like most musicians do.

From Seattle comes vocalist Leif Cole, outrageous and daring, a true original. Some argue he may be the illegitimate son of James Brown.

Out of the Motor City is guitarist Victor Dawahare. His influences are typical Detroit; MC5 and The Stooges, of course.

Guitarist Neil Delaforce hails from Hawaii, long hair flailin’ and Les Paul wailin’. His playing pays tribute to the spirit of the great 70’s and southern rock bands.

Keith Campagnola left the Jersey shore to venture out west with nothing but his bass, his desire and his tremendous groove.

On the drums is “The Rock,” Jim Austin. A Los Angeles native and the foundation that everything is built on.

Add some Chuck Berry, a bit of Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters; stir in a whole lot of attitude, and you got The Railsplitters. Ridin’ High is their legacy, a fourteen song collection of the fiercest, loudest Rock n’ Roll ever created!

Produced by: The Railsplitters
Recorded in various studios in and around Los Angeles
Digitally Remastered by David Dominguez