Forged in chrome, steel and iron and fueled by high-test gasoline, the International Rock N Roll Machine known as the Turbo A.C.´s first spewed its charcoal black exhaust in 1996 with Damnation Overdrive (Blackout! Records). Guitarist/Vocalist Kevin Cole, Bassist Michael Dolan and Drummer Kevin Prunty had crafted an excellent New York Rock album full of originality and badass riffs that pointed the way to the future for this hardworking trio of conquering warriors.

After successfully grabbing the NY scene by the throat, the Turbo-machine set out to dominate the rest of the US with a relentless tour schedule, and then promptly set sail for Europe ­ all on their own dime. The band paid their dues learning the reality of what they were up against the hard way. They booked their own tours, toured with no label support, even had to live in squats in Germany and Italy after bad deals with shady promoters and agents. When most would have probably just quit, The A.C.´s laughed and developed the crest of the Skull and Monkeywrench as their logo in defiance.

In 1998, they returned to the studio and recorded Winner Take All (Cacophone Records). It was this statement of manic Surf tremolo guitar driven by Motorhead speed and defiance that made the band some serious contenders in the Rock N Roll ring. It got them a spot on the 1999 German Warped Tour and a solid touring schedule that saw some desperate times for the band, including having to use duct tape to fix their totalled tour van in Europe, and even cheating death after flipping their van in a Wyoming snowstorm. Acustom to the chaos by this point the A.C.´s always took it in stride, wiped the blood off and made it to the next show. Inspired by the hardships of the past, The Turbo A.C.´s brought Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) into the studio to produce their third album, Fuel For Life (Nitro Records). A ferocious, teeth gnashing statement of perseverance, the band waved a sneering middle finger at the oppressive hostilities of the Taliban by following the album with a successful tour with Flogging Molly in the aftermath of 9/11.

Finally starting to achieve the attention they deserved, the Turbos recorded their next album in Los Angeles with Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves at the production helm, then returned home to the East Coast to mix with their former manager Billy Milano of S.O.D. The result was Automatic (Gearhead/Bitzcore), a sonically solid collection of powerhouse Turbo tunes, which served to finally bring the band into the European mainstream and yet another relentless tour schedule. Using the confidence of experience to their advantage, The Turbo A.C.´s cut their fifth album, Avenue X, which they produced themselves. It showed the band¹s songwriting maturing without losing the attitude and determination that had become the Turbo-trademark. If anything, the fist of survival was now cast in iron. Still constantly touring and expanding, the band even made it to the wild outback of Australia for the first time where Turbo-tattooed fans had been waiting years for their arrival. Finally, the highway to Hell was cooling ­ or so they thought. In early 2006, Bassist Michael Dolan turned in his skull-and- monkey-wrench badge and left the band.

With too much experience behind them, the two Kevins agreed to continue. They quickly enlisted long time friend Tim Lozada as the new Bassist and called in former road crew member Jer Duckworth to expand the band´s sound as second Guitarist. With everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, Turbo A.C.´s took to the studio once again and cut their most uncompromising collection of music to date, Live To Win. Taking the their own motto to heart, the band is at their most pissed off and proud of it, while taking advantage of the new lineup to survey the unexplored regions of vast Turbo-territory. No apologies; no faceless, bland Punk Rock; no bullshit. This is Rock N Roll at its finest, and it´s time you all listened up.

Chuck Foster 08.2006
(Under the Volcano / NY Waste)