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Mr. Popular – Vocals | Mr. Ratboy – Guitar
Cowboy Mark – Bass | Splat Action – Drums

“Ligger” is the third release from these sons of NYC. The first two came out on vinyl in Europe, then Munster compiled them a CD release. They sold out and all we have left is some great 220 gram wax and a CD if you can even find it. “Ligger” picks up where they left off, a swank collection of twelve songs that will rattle the ashtray off your speakers.

With a dusty collection of experience that includes work with Cheetah Chrome, Sylvain Sylvain, Motorcycle Boy, PillBox, Jeff Dahl, Ian Hunter, Sami Yaffa, Bebe Buell, Freddy Lynxx, Kevin K, Marky Ramone’s Intruders and former members of The Electric Eels, The Stillettoes & The Cramps… Four guys who dress to the left and suavely rock like absolute fuck. Better than J*ss* M*l*n, less influential than Lieutenant Pigeon. Mr. Ratboy on Guitar, Lou Paris sings, Cowboy Mark plays bass and Splat Action is the drummer.

Make sure to check out iTunes, DownloadPunk, Rhapsody, Napster or your favorite digital service to download copies of their previous releases – “No Values” and “Lost For Life