The Bucket is back! Their new disc, Who’s Got Mine is as loud and proud as the Bucket has ever been! Who’s Got Mine features 11 new tracks and the addition of drummer Anthony “Tiny” Biuso (TSOL, The Dickies).

Joined by former Supersucker Rontrose Heathman, Los Angeles natives The Hangmen celebrate 25+ years together with “East Of Western,” their latest effort for Acetate Records. The band’s sixth release smashes together lead singer Bryan Small’s lurid love songs with unsparing, unsentimental blasts that shine a light into the dark and seedy corners of modern day Los Angeles. IN STORES NOW!

New from Acetate Archives – The Factory ripped it up in mid-1980’s Washington D.C. in such infamous venues as 9:30 Club, Roxy and DC Space. The bastard sons of the Dead Boys and 70’s-era Stones… swaggering, staggering troubadours of rock n’ roll. Original recordings from 1985 – check out the “Love to Dance” Video:

Sour Jazz’s new disc respects no demarcation lines of style, occupying its own turf where New Wave butts heads with ’70s NY rock. It’s witty and rocks in its own slinky, rambunctious way. They wear their Iggy influence on their sleeves and pull no punches when it comes to rockin’!!